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It's like WD40, but for UI automation!

Quickstart 🚀

Easy to Install

nut.js was developed with a focus on ease of installation. Everything is at your fingertips, just an npm install away!

Easy to Use

An API which is loved by users for its ease of use and expressiveness let's you automate in a breeze!

Three platforms, single codebase

nut.js is focused on cross-platform compatibility and equally supports macOS, Linux and Windows.

"I just started sponsoring nut ❤️ It saves me so much time! Also love provided functionality for testing, you really thought of everything!"


A flexible plugin system allows you to provide your own custom implementations to fit your needs!

Future proof

nut.js is compatible with current and future releases of Node.js or Electron.


You're invited to join an active community that encourages participation and knowledge sharing!