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With our prerequisites met, let’s continue installing. The following steps are meant to be carried out in a dedicated directory of your choice. We will simply refer to this directory as working directory.

npm project#

Let’s first initialize a new npm project in our working directory by executing:

npm init

Feel free to fill out the interactive dialogue, but it’s not a hard requirement to continue the initial setup.

(You could even accept all defaults by running npm init -y)

Install nut.js#


npm i @nut-tree/nut-js


yarn add @nut-tree/nut-js

in our newly created npm project will install nut.js and its required dependencies.

Snapshot releases#

nut.js also provides snapshot releases which allow testing of upcoming features.


npm i @nut-tree/nut-js@next


yarn add @nut-tree/nut-js@next

will install the most recent development release of nut.js.

Attention: While snapshot releases are great to work with upcoming features before a new stable release, it is still a snapshot release. Please bear in mind that things might change and / or break on snapshot releases, so it is not recommended using them in production.